CAM Consulting company was founded in 2003. Its aim is to provide software support for data generation plants manufacturing electronic boards.
At first she developed products for other companies and then directed its own range of products based on an analysis of actual needs of manufacturers.
CAM Consulting team has extensive experience of this type of software. In 1992, it created the software XMATIC which at the time had already introduced the concept of automation with reduced data with a module named Flexmatic.
The competition is very strong in this area, it is essential to offer innovative solutions to meet the needs of users who need to quickly adapt to rapid change.
One application is to verify that all data prepared for the manufacture will not pose a problem when running on the machines.
When production starts all machines must have the correct data. It is detrimental to have to stop a machine because the rotation of a case is not correct.
Family KERCAM newly created software offers a large number of graphical tools to address the needs of users outside the production line.
A classic production problem is to decide which section to use based on customer product code and its requirements (supplier recommended ...).
Libraries are introduced as new pairing code Article client with client name which is associated with the item code used for manufacturing. This cross table has significantly accelerates the data preparation
In the same spirit the library housings combines the description of a case to a target machine.
Software KERCAM allow multi-language, it is possible to have up to 20 languages available via a mouse click, this includes non-Latin characters such as Japanese.
Software running at the last stage of the Microsoft level. It is supporting XP and Winows7 either in 32 or 64 bits.
CAM Consulting company is constantly listening to the needs of users.
The reason is simple, the development is done at once but its use is multiple.