KERPLACE is the module, which provide all the information to place safely a component on bare board.

KERPLACE check if you use the good package
Get the good package at the right place is not always an easy task. The CAD neither does nor recognize package and obviously not able to give the good rotation. By reading The BOMM you get part number information and most of the time a string with everything (package name, value model, type…). It is not directly useable.
In fact the only good package is the package you have in the machine, because this is the only one to be placed.
It is a common sense to use this one. It is exactly what Kerplace is doing.
Kerplace has a specific graphic tool to help you to define which is the good package to use according the footprint and the BOM string description.
KERPLACE check if you use the good rotation
Now you are sure to get the good package, you must verify if the rotation is correct.
The CAD or any file will not provide the good rotation.
When you import a package from a machine, KerPlace convert the angle system in KerPlace angle system to have.
If the display is not correct in KerPlace, it will be not correct on Target machine.
Kerplace Know the angle system of the target machine, which is probably different tan KerPlace rule. The key thing is to be consistent.
Kerplace provide a graphic tool to do the rotation adjustment. It could be done per reference designator or per package
The rotation is quite important for assembly equipment, Kerplace handles it.
- You have the Cad or BOM rotation
- You have the machine rotation due to the description
- You have the rotation of the board on the conveyor
- You have the rotation depending of the axes system use by the machine. (For example 0° is the top and rotate CCW)
KERPLACE is “WYSYG” concept. If the view is correct on KerPlace, It will be correct at the end of the placement.
KERPLACE help you to place Fiducial
Before to generate any machine program, you must define Fiducial location.
KerPlace allows the placement of 3 fiducial per board, 2 are mandatory.
A simple mouse click snaps the centre of the fiducial mark.
KerPlace show fiducial with different shape and colour, the main fiducial will be use as a new origin for the output program