KERFLEX is the module to rebuild a board with limited quantity of data.

The minimum of data to generate placement machine program is the copper surface of the part to be placed.

KERFLEX a flexible GERBER and Excellon editor

Most people think Gerber is difficult to implement. It is true if you do not have the right tool. Kerflex answers of this question.

A full set of tools, easy to use, is available. They are:

  • Read Gerber X and D
  • Change the layer polarity (power plan)
  • Mirror in X or Y
  • Convert “DRAW” in “FLASH”
  • Delete unnecessary graphic entity
  • Recompute the board origin of the layer
  • Assign Layer type (top, silk…)
  • Create an outline shape if it does not exist
  • Align layers. It is done with one mouse click
  • Learn the centroid of a part. You use a lasso to select the entities and Kerflex compute automatically the centre of the selected area.
  • Extract coordinate if exist in an ASCII file.
  • Align the part centre with the footprint centre
  • Create package from a data sheet

KERFLEX rebuild the net list

After import of all required files you may start to build the connectivity.

The required files are all electrical layers

Top copper layer

Internal layers if exist

Power and Ground plan is exist

Drill files

All the packages must be created and properly aligned

Some complementary work could be done like:

  • Explode power plan in multiple plan
  • Use multiple drills for buried via

KERFLEX process first compute the connectivity of each layer, then it built the connectivity between Layer and to finish the connectivity between the copper and the component pin.

The net list is now created and ready for test.