KERDOC is a module to generate Production documentation.

Le document is build like a book. It contents the following elements: The book with it name and attributes The chapter, which is in fact a manufacturing, phase The page, which describe the operation KERDOC could be split in two parts The data preparation which set-up all the template to be used, sheet, page, book. The execution is rendering the book with all the information. KERDOC use the board data from KERCAM

KERDOC include a Sheet editor

This editor specifies the sheet dimension, either a standard format (A4, A3…) or custom format. The user may add graphic entities likes:
  • Draw a line selecting colour and thickness
  • Draw a rectangle with outline and filled colour
  • Draw a round rectangle with outline and filled colour
  • Draw an ellipse/circle with outline and filled colour
  • Draw a text
The graphics entities could be align together or on grid.

KERDOC include a Page editor

This editor uses the sheet previously defined. It adds area with some specific action. The several area’s are: Bitmap Area The user may include bitmap in the define area. The picture size is automatically adjusted to the area size. Grid Area The user may create a grid in “Excel” type Colour Coding Grid Area This area is filled during the colour coding rule process. Colour Coding Picture Area This area display the result of the colour-coding rule. (The graphic is in vector mode) Text Area A single line text could be added Document Area A multilane text could be imported or edited AutoText Area This area adds automatically system information extract from the board and include during the execution process (Board number, date …) Multi Text Area In this mode several text are include in template and during the execution, the user select one of the list. Question Area In this mode the question is specified in template and during the execution only the answer will be printed.

KERDOC include a Book editor

Just using a simple text from any word processor in ASCII mode may create the book. The user lay modify all the book structure like add a page, add a chapter. The page and chapter numbering is managed by the software

KERDOC create a Production Book

1- Import an electronic board 2- Select a template book or create a new one 3- Go on each page to acquire the data 4- Select the control mode. There are 3 modes:
  • No control by external person
  • Control by external person
  • Control by external person and approved by another person
When the book is validating, it is possible to render it. The final document is available in PDF format.