KERCAM is the center of the solution to assist the board manufacturing.

The additional modules of the kernel increase the assist possibility.
KERCAM view has for main objective to display an electronic board like you own eyes. This means that all graphics entities are visible.The board outline is by default in the same color than the epoxy used for most of the bare board. If there is cut out they could be displayed.If the board is returned a mirroring is automatically generated.The board display on KERCAM looks like your real board.By using the dashboard, it is possible to get nay type of display, you may change the color as you want, fill or not the entities, display or not. They are the basic action, some added action allow the user to display the internal layers, color the net, change the text …

KERCAM uses Data Base to save data

KERCAM save all the data in a standard format database, which mean all import or export, are easy to do.There two main type of saving, one is to save all the data related to the board and the other is to save all the data related to the site.
The database type is:

KERCAM a new way to import

DataKERCAM offers several modes to import data. They are: The KERCAM parser is quite flexible; it allows three modes of parsing. Mode with delimiter. It is the classical mode with space, semi-column character.

The parser is used in the following cases:

KERCAM include a documentation set

KERCAM include a tool to generate a graphic file of the displayed board in metafile format of Microsoft (.emf) in vector mode. There is another feature, Color Code Coding. In this case two files are generated. One is the graphic display of the colored board; the other is the table with the colored code.

The standard display mode us the dashboard setup like:

The color coding use a table rule to setup:

KERCAM renders a bitmap file to be include in any word processor