For any company it is important to define what is its projection into the future.
CAM Consulting company decided to rethink the strategy of data processing for the manufacture of printed circuit boards.
Redo a bit of history.
In 1995 a concept prevailed over the others, this concept was put forward by a leading company in this market.

The vision was:
"Everything that comes from the CAD is good and should be used as such. '
"The Gerber is a solution obsolete and too complicated to implement. '
"We must impose libraries boxes machines. '

This design is challenging and is far removed from the actual situation.

What do we see:

CAD is not magical product that one is entitled to expect.
The reason is simple.
- The goal of CAD is exclusively manufacture printed circuit boards.
- The concept of housing does not exist, there are fingerprints and that's all.
- The rotation corresponds to the description in the file fingerprint CAD
- The item code is often not known at this stage, see wrong.
- Often changes are made after the CAD has generated file are.
Adding or other target.

Given all the failures, the operator must correct all data to produce a correct card.

Offered KERCAM?

Using simple gerber files. It is certain that the circuit will meet naked file or combination Gerber CAD
Import the library boxes of the machine site. It is certain that the boxes will be consistent and rotation.
Using a cross table item codes to avoid duplication of work.
When importing the nomenclature of a particular customer we must change the product code of the client to use the product code and the associated housing factory. A graphical tool makes this very simple.
Establishment of patterns. A mouse click performs this operation.
The virtual card is then placed on a conveyor virtual. This action corrects rotations if the card is placed in a different way. In the same way depending on the target machine the calculation angle is corrected.

This is the vision that we propose, the software graphically perform simple functions essential to the manufacture.