Software to ease the production of PCB.

The company offers KERCAM software tools to facilitate the implementation of the electronic cards. The full range of tools speed up every step of the manufacturing process.

Offer to engineers simple tools solutions to manufacture "off line" with high performance, fast and simple. The fundamental principle governing the use of software KERCAM is to serve the user. An ergonomic interface enables an intuitive way to use all the possibilities of the software. The learning curve is very short; the implementation of the software is fast and effective. In business, it is possible to have several persons entitled to use the software without impacting the load imposed by the manufacture. KERCAM software assistants serve the user. They are particularly suitable for the introduction of new products (NPI). The fundamental is to accelerate and validate the manufacturing process without taking time machine is expensive process. The main function is to support displaying on a screen the different stages. The visualization is real Even with limited data this software allows the automatic generation of assembly and test machines. KERCAM import data from multiple formats CAD, GERBER,EXCEL, ASCII..

KERCAM software Family for data management Production. The range of software is composed of:.

  • KERFLEX Kernel to support options, inputs, outputs and viewing
  • KERPLACE option to ,prepare the data for assembly machine
  • KERTEST option to define probe placement and fixture generation
  • KERDOC software to create manufacturing document
  • KERVIEW software to display data boards
  • KERFIX Software repair of electronic boards